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The content on this website is confidential and proprietary. As such, it is being provided to convey the basic business components and concepts of the X-LEAGUE  gaming platform and PeerGaming LLC. It does not address the circumstances of any particular individual or third party, and all copy, content, and illustrations are for concept purposes only, for which final software functions, specifications, platform features, and design elements are to be determined. Furthermore, nothing contained on this website or in this agreement constitutes a solicitation or offer to purchase securities in PeerGaming LLC. Access to this website is restricted by the non-disclosure and non-compete terms and conditions provided herein, which are intended to protect and safeguard the trade secrets and intellectual property rights and claims held exclusively by PeerGaming LLC (“Company”).


Therefore, it is agreed and understood that the individual or enterprise (hereinafter "User") accessing this website and its contents hereby agrees to do so under the following terms and conditions: User, its affiliates, assigns, and any related third party agrees not to compete or cause competition with Company, in any manner whatsoever, as it pertains to the information provided on this website, which shall be considered proprietary and confidential. It is agreed and understood that access to this website is being provided to explore a potential business arrangement between Company and User, and as such, User agrees and understands that they do not have any ownership or use rights of any kind whatsoever to the content contained herein, which shall include but not be limited to any/all descriptive copy, the general ideas and concepts identified herein, the technology and platform concepts, any images and illustrations, identified software solutions and concepts, and the like.


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