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The X-LEAGUE gambling platform, both online and off, utilizes and requires a specific number of proprietary design, content, and software systems to place and reconcile a wager. To this end, a few of the company’s U.S. and international intellectual property claims have been identified below:


•  X-LEAGUE Gambling Platform: Peer-to-peer, a game of skill, odds-based group play in a multi-event contest format.

•  Backend Resolution Model: Proprietary methodology and software system to resolve contest wagers. 

•  Odds-Points: One-of-a-kind, odds-based multiplication formula, and system used to calculate a player’s bet slip. 

•  Dashboard menu tool to select individual, team, H2H, or league style play.


•  Tournament, playoff, and championship play are supported.


•  Arena provides the capability to save your favorite teams and events.

•  X-LEAGUE Betslip: One-of-a-kind Betslip used to place each contest wager and cross-sell for sportsbook wagers on PeerGaming affiliate partner sites.

• X-LEAGUE Virtual: Fast-paced peer-to-peer competition played entirely through computer simulated games or races, with contests taking only few minutes.

•  X-LEAGUE BETBAR: Identifies specific, sponsored wager amounts for each X-LEAGUE Conference to select a player’s desired wager amount.


•  X-LEAGUE Bet Window: Provides a multi-functional resource to access contest details, read and make notes on upcoming contests, view X-LEAGUE promotional opportunities, and access partner advertising offers.

•  X-LEAGUE BETBOARD: Similar to a draft board, this unique tool is designed to help individuals and teams identify, organize, list, and make notes on upcoming contests, events, and markets of interest to help manage their pick selections.


•  X-LEAGUE STATBOARD: Provides detailed player betting statistics on past play to help determine the best and worst picks, picks with the highest winning percentages, and more.


•  Bet Confirmation Window: Confirms wagers and delivers a means to place additional bets with the current Betslip.


•  X-LEAGUE STANDINGS: Posts a player’s leaderboard position in current and closed contests and Conference play.

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