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Three Future Predictions for Peer-to-Peer Gambling

Updated: Mar 27


In recent years, peer-to-peer gambling has become increasingly popular, with platforms such as Flutter Entertainment and DraftKings offering users the opportunity to bet against each other. In this article, we will explore three predictions of peer-to-peer gambling and its potential to benefit the gambling industry.

A Social Networking Hub

As the peer-to-peer gambling industry evolves, we can expect a shift towards centralized, peer-to-peer operations governed by a technology powerhouse. This shift will create a consolidated customer base with positive and negative effects.

On the positive side, gamification and social features will transform the industry into a social networking hub, allowing users to interact and connect in new ways. However, it is essential to note that there are also negative aspects to this shift, such as addiction and other potential issues associated with social networks. It remains to be seen how these negative impacts will be addressed and mitigated.

National and World Betting Tournaments

The X-League's wagering model is expected to revolutionize sports betting in national and global tournaments. The model uses a similar bet slip creation process as the traditional sports betting model, which allows participants to compete with a wide range of betting market options.

In addition, the X-League betting model enables participants to place bets on niche markets that may not be available through other P2P betting models, such as daily fantasy or betting exchange. This means that participants can bet on previously unavailable or considered niche events, thereby expanding the range of betting options in tournaments.

A Solid Advertising Business

As the social hub for gambling continues to grow, we can expect an increase in the number of advertisements placed on the platform. This is due to the allure of conference championships and sweepstakes promotions, which will attract serious gamblers, sports fans, and casual players. As a result, a flywheel effect will lead to more ad placements on the platform.

As awareness grows, the demand for ad space will increase, benefiting the gambling industry and other brands seeking to reach a wider audience. This will create a solid advertising business for the gambling industry.


In summary, the future of peer-to-peer gambling appears promising, with opportunities for innovation and growth that could benefit both users and the industry. With the development of X-League, we anticipate the emergence of national and global betting tournaments. Moreover, a more consolidated customer base would increase advertising revenue for the gambling industry.

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