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One-Stop Shop For Social Gambling Products

  • Get ready for a groundbreaking shift in the world of social gambling games!

  • Do not miss this opportunity and risk losing market share to your competitors.

  • Join us on this extraordinary journey to revolutionize the iGaming and retail gaming landscape.

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betting type peergaming

 Betting Games

A diverse selection of games for bettors to play against each other.

gambling solution

Solution Type

A customizable white-label interface to access the social gaming hub.

global coverage peergaming


Global coverage with 24/7/365 technical support and monitoring

betting odd market peergaming

Odds and Markets

An odds and market service for thousands of games across 40 sports.

What we offer


  • Challenge other users' betting slips

  • Select odd markets within a set maximum

  • Strategically choose odd picks to excel

  • Win selected odds to earn points

  • Players with the highest bet slip point share the purse

X-league betting peergaming
Daily fantasy peergaming

Daily Fantasy

  • Compete against other users' fantasy teams

  • Pick real-world athletes within a set budget

  • Strategically select players to win.

  • Earn points from a player's live match rating

  • Players with the highest team point share the purse

Betting Exchange

  • Select between two trade positions

  • “Back” an odds market that it will win

  • “Lay” an odds market that it will lose

  • Accept available odds or set your own

  • Wait for another player to match a trade

betting exchange peergaming


To deliver the highest quality experience, our culture is centered on four product values. These values ensure that we always meet the needs of our stakeholders with precision and excellence.

We only develop games that can be played between multiple players

We provide entertainment to players, regardless of their ability to pay

We seek opportunities to give players a sense of prestige and status

We make it easy for players to connect with others through our platform

Ready to see X-League in action?

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